Brief Introduction:



This mobile digital X-ray system can move to any place to make DR radiophotography in all direction, also suitable for Emergency diagnosis for the patients in stretchers and wheelchairs.



  • Adopt the advanced technology, the High quality imaging can be obtained.
  • Imaging very quickly, more suitable for Emergency diagnosis.
  • Drive by large rechargeable battery cell, which can reduce the operator’ working strength. 
  • Super silence design, the system can move quickly, smoothly and silently.
  • AEC exposing function, there are different exposure modes to be selected.
  • Excellent High frequency and high pressure Generator, tube and detector, which can make patients get the lowest X-ray dose, it is kind of green radiography, patients’ health can be protected. Wireless remote control exposure, with which the operator can make exposure far away from the X-ray system. The operator’ health can be protected.
  • All of the fault information are showed in codes, which is easy for operator to correct it and minimum the risks of damage to the X-ray system.