Portable Drinking water purification system
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Portable and Smart, go with you everywhere
No matter where you are, healthy drinking water with you always!

  • Get rid of the harmful microbe thoroughly.
  • Get rid of different kind of pigment, special odour and peculiar smell thoroughly.
  • Get rid of chemical pollutants and heavy metal pollutants with high efficiency.
  • Suitable for different kind of water source, whether in city or in rural area.



  • Advanced technology, excellent performance on the water purification
  • No power needed, no maintenance needed, small size, high water flowing speed.
  • Green purification way, no chemicals needed during the whole purification process, not only get rid of the harmful substances in the water, but also keep the ion minerals which can benefit people’s health deeply.
  • The purified water is suitable for drinking directly.
  • It can be showed directly when the filtration core should be replaced,


Brief introduction:

Adopt the advanced technology of multi-structure filtration core, which includes molecular sieve filtration material and multi-function adsorbents, it is one kind of three in one structure filtration core.

Micro-filtration structure 

It is one of micro-filtration structure with the mesh size of 0.4- 0.1 micron which can get rid of the microbes thoroughly, and get rid of the substances which is larger than 0.4 micron

Molecular sieve adsorption structure

can adsorb pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, and different kind of chemical and heavy metal pollutants, different kind of harmful molecular and pigment, special odour, peculiar smell etc. It can make them be adsorbed in different molecular room against the harmful molecular weight and structure.

Special structure of adsorption by permanent static  

Permanent state of electrification in molecular adsorption room, which is adsorbed by positive-negative electron, all of the substances adsorbed never escape, while the microelement can pass through, from which people’s health can be benefited.

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