Mobile Crushing Plant
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Excellent functions of mobile coarse and secondary crushing station

  • High function crusher;
  • Convenient for the trailer to travel on common, rough and terrible road in the crushing area;
  • Belt conveyor under screen, vibrating screen, crusher are installed together on the vehicle;
  • Transportation cost of material is reduced;
  • Flexible space, reasonable layout and reasonable structure for the integral crushing flow.
  • Mobile crushing station can work separately and work flexibly with whole crushing system in coarse and secondary crushing and screening system.
  • Easy and reasonable maintenance for the integral equipment;
  • Diesel generator and electric panel are on the trailer;

Mobile crushing station fixed specifications (general)
After processing spot for mobile crushing station is selected, the spot should be kept neat and crushing station should be taken to a suitable place.  Stretch lifting legs to lift crushing station, dig a hole under each leg (size of hole depends on local earth material, much softer the earth is, much deeper the hole is) and then fasten movable legs on fixed ones by joint bolts.  Pour concrete into holes under movable legs as base, when the concrete is congealed, adjust concrete surface to make station supporting more stable, at last retract the lifting legs.  Accessory lifting tools such as sleeper can be put on the lower part of vehicle to make it completely stable.