Medical Incinerator
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  1. Good performance of Medical Incinerator with the third generation burning technology in the world
  2. Friendly to environment, the Dioxin in exhausted gas is nearly zero, almost no pollution to environment
  3. Cheaper operation cost
This type of incinerator is good performance of medical incinerator. It is produced with the newest technology, which integrate the third generation of Pyrolysis & gasification burning technology in the world, and the advanced burning technology in Japan together.  It is more suitable for medium and small size of hospitals.

How it work:

The medical garbage are put into the first burning Chamber, there is different stage of drying, Pyrolysis and gasification, burning, burning out and cooling. In this Chamber, the garbage will be disintegrated into carbonized solid residues and small molecule substances. The carbonized solid residues will be burned in this Chamber. The small molecule granule and burnable gas go into mix chamber, after mixing high temperature fuel gas, it will go into second burning chamber. The burning temperature can reach 1200℃±50℃ and the small molecule granule and burnable gas can be burned sufficiently, and can be burned out. The exhausted gas will be purified and cooled firstly, then go into Chimney and injecting outside. The clinker after burned will be removed out by worker.


  1. Designed with special structure, this medical incinerator is small volume and small area needed for installation.
  2. In the first burning chamber, there is special reflowing ignition technology, burning stable, no need of burner and blower, which can save operation cost.
  3. In the second burning chamber, there is special burning way and automatic temperature monitoring and control, it can be burned sufficiently. No black smoke, odorless, no second pollution, the Dioxin in exhausted gas is nearly zero.
  4. Special Injection and cooling technology, no fan needed for exhausted gas outside of Chimney. The temperature inside the Chimney is lower, so the life is long.
  5. the first burning chamber and second burning chamber are in closed negative situation during burning, no backfire, no harmful gas outside. 
  6. Imported burner, heat efficiency is high, the operation cost is lower.
  7. Automatic operation, easy to use. Safety function of self alarm and power off protection.
  8. High quality of refractory ceramics, the heat isolation is high, and the heat efficiency is high, the Fuel cost can be saved.
  9. No need of pre-processing to the medical rubbish by workers before put into incinerator, minimize the risks for the worker touch the harmful medical rubbish, it is good for worker’s health.