Low temperature sterilizer
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  • Most advanced technology in the world
  • The best infection control equipments in medical industry
  • Suitable for the sterilization to all kinds of medical instruments, devices, materials, whether it is metal, rubber, plastic etc

In the medical industry, the most difficult segment is infection control, especially in the OP for the disinfection of the surgical instruments after the operation, if the instruments can't be washed and disinfected thoroughly, other patients will be in the high risks of crossing infected. Now we have such advanced technology equipments to settle this problem with the low temperature sterilizer.



  • Adopting international advanced technology, much optimized design and many innovation technologies to keep this equipment advanced in the world.
  • Adopting many advanced technologies to realize intellectual monitoring, remote maintenance, system upgrading, functional extending and so on.
  • The excellent performance on this sterilizer not only avoid risks of high temperature and pressure etc, but also avoid nocuous substance produced or released.
  • The complete and soft sterilization techniques, no damage to the sterilizing objects, especially for the instrument, appliance and any other medical products which is made of rubber, plastic etc., which can prolong the appliance life and save maintenance and purchasing cost.
  • Hi-efficient sterilization capacity to improve the circulative rate and reduce the quantity of spare appliances.
  • Equipped with intellectual large memory system to record and print out real time important parameters for convenient recording and checking
  • Intellectual warning and error correcting system improve the sterilization performance;
  • Reasonable design of consumables to use safely, conveniently and circularly.
  • Convenient installation and easy operation
  • Secure and environmental: in low temperature. No any injurant discharged.
  • Lower price of H2O2 consume.
  • Automatic control of the whole process of washing
    PLC control, precise, stable, reliable, touching screen display, easy operating, parameter-time display, direct-viewing

Technical specification:

    • Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H mm): 740×950×1680
    • Weight: 350Kg.
    • Effective sterilizer Area (W x D x H mm):430 ×430×760
    • Cubage: 140 liter.
    • Voltage: 210V~240V/50~60HZ
    • Sterilizer temperature: normal temperature~55℃.
    • Sterilizer time: 25min(for simple structure instruments)
    • 38min(for complex structure instruments)
    • Dosage of H2O2: 2m L/single circulation
    • Information treat: 5.6inch touch screen display on time, has storage device