Haemostasis Gauze
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The best Haemostasis medical product in China, not only one kind of Haemostasis Gauze, but also one kind of medicines, can take orally.

This product is made of natural fiber substances, and the main ingredient is isomerism sodium cellulose. It is good medical Haemostasis product in the world.


  1. Stop bleeding quickly within 1-2 minute.
  2. Not only the haemostasis gauze, but also haemostasis medicine, can be used externally and orally, no side effect
  3. Dissoluble, degradable, can be absorbed by patients within one week, no organ reaction, more suitable for the surgical operation on vivo organs.
  4. Anti-bacteria, anti-inflammation,
  5. Better for wound healing.This product can absorb the water and harmful substances in the wound surface, and leave the proteins and nutrition to the wound, and formed one kind of sticky film around the wound, make closed recovery environment for wound healing.
  6. Easy to be operated, can be used to most of the surgical operations such as gynaecological and obstetric bleeding, neurosurgical surgery, Cardiothoracic surgery etc.


Regular stock for field army, regular medicine for first aid in battlefield
First choice of Haemostasis to any bleeding in most of surgical operations.
First choice of Haemostasis to upper gastrointestinal bleeding

ordinary wound, put 1- 3 pieces on the wound surface, press 1-3 minutes.
Cavity bleeding: filling 1-3 pieces to the bleeding part.
put 8-10 pieces into 100 ml warm boiled water, after dissolved, take 20 ml every 30 minute, 4-5 times.

Packing: Aluminums-plastic bag, one piece per bag
Specification: 50 mm X 100 mm
Shelf life: 2 years.