Engineering Consultants brief introduction

KEE-HING CHEUNG KEE Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. undertakes the existing engineering services and expertise of KEE-HING CHEUNG KEE Co., Ltd. and continues to expand business. Now it covers electricity, water, new energy (wind, light and thermal energy), organic farms, eco-community construction, industrial and environmental protection, sewage treatment, civil engineering, transportation, construction, mechanical, electrical and other engineering studies, surveying, planning, design, testing, construction supervision, project management, and turnkey engineering and other technical services.

We KEE-HING CHEUNG KEE Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd,not only have the Chinese technicians but also have outstanding foreign engineers and experts from Japan, Taiwan, Netherlands. There are more than 100 technicians who have entensive experience in our company at present .

Our tenet: combining Chinese and foreign high-tech , combining Chinese and foreign high-tech, innovating the concept of eco-environmental protection, developing technical cooperation and foreign labor exports, strengthening  international relationship. Create a top quality eco-environmental protection projects.

Our company provide the all construction consultancy services with high-tech, innovative spirit, And the balance between human life and the natural environment we make use of natural resources and protect the environment, create a comfortable living environment for the people. We’ll contribute to the construction projects home and abroad with professional and pragmatic attitude and efficient service .

Sphere of business
Our company has a strong sense of social responsibility, aways care about the public welfare , "taken from society, be used on society" has become the company's principle and value.

Construction is a multi-professional integration and the key to constrution is integration . The department of our company--- Construction and Electrical and Mechanical Division, including the Ministry of Construction, mechanical department , electrical department, intelligent transportation department, Geographic Information Division and other units. Combination of interdisciplinary professionals, including architecture, landscape, structure, project management; electricity, electronics, intelligent control, communications, mechanical, biotechnology, ventilation, fire; information, transportation, photogrammetry, geographic information and other kinds of technology, responsible for integration of cross-professional co-ordinate inter-organizational interface, providing integrated planning, design, construction supervision and construction project management and other technical services.
Construction department with "the implementation of intelligent management, the full range of considerations to the build" as the faith, business scope includes: high-rise office buildings, hospitals, terminals, stations, schools, leisure resorts, theaters, parks, landscape and such kind of facilities.
Mechanical  Department in order to "enrich the building space, creating works from life" for the faith, it includes: Light power factory , biotechnology factory, pharmaceutical  factory, distilleries, sugar refineries, food factory, incinerators, cable car systems, automation equipment, etc.
Power Engineering Department with"integrate engineering systems into the right track " as the faith, business scope includes: power transmission, power distribution, telecommunications switches, fiber-optic network transmission, wireless communications, high-speed road traffic control, intelligent buildings, the central monitoring system.
Wisdom transportation Department with"the efficiency of the new century needs , integration of people ,goods, information, intelligence " as the faith  including: ITS (Intelligent Transportation System), ITS life use, intelligent logistics traffic, electronic toll collection, electronic fare integration .
Geospatial Information Department with, "Geographical conservation culture, information to support decision-making" as the faith, business  includes: the transportation construction aerial, land planning aerial surveys, National Trail guide network, public transport travel network, materials construction of the country tablet and management inquiring system, public pipeline GIS (geographic information) and so on.

Biotechnology, nanotechnology, space information, is a major trend of global ecologic environmental protection . Building and Electrical Division, the unit will be centred in environment-based, security-based, sustainable development-oriented, promoting the wisdom and energy planning, design, implementation of environmental protection of the global village concept. Together with national government policy, actively involved in plant biotechnology, alternative energy development, renewable resource use, intelligent transport systems, integrated GPS (Global Positioning System), RS (Remote Sensing), GIS of 3S technology to provide some service to our live, production, ecological and other spatial information integration services and value-added applications, with a view to sustainable development of land, livelihood, happiness, and devote to engineering safety convenience.

3D animation technology department has many years of research experience , dedicate to the extensive use of CG technology: Animation of road and bridge engineering, product features demo, mechanical construction process animation, 3D virtual architectural animation, companies bidding animation, Three-dimensional public advertising packages, CG film special effects. The performance of three-dimensional animation technology can show the construction procedure that can not easily attached and De complicated process that hard to explain through simulation of perfect intuitive revealed itself, and is now widely used by various industries customers. We have finished the 3D animation demo about the company's mobile hospital, an organic farm, ecological communities all by ourselves .